Mammalian Toxicologist Ph.D Agri Chemicals

Company Name:
Miller Ag
Mammalian Toxicologist
This position is for a Mammalian Toxicologist to provide support of the registration of agrochemicals worldwide. The position requires knowledge of toxicology study types, experimental design, and data/results to meet global agency requirements.
o Works with team to provide insight on the toxicity of active ingredients or formulations technologies.
o Design and oversee toxicology studies to address regulatory requirements in the U.S. under FIFRA and other regulatory agencies .
o Evaluates the toxicity of new formulations including literature review of toxicology information on inert ingredients, contracting testing where appropriate and interpreting results for formulation chemists.
o Review new product MSDS to ensure accuracy of information and OSHA compliance.
o Maintains databases of toxicology information on formulations and active ingredients.
o Study monitor for contracted studies, including acute, sub-chronic, developmental toxicity and other special studies. This includes protocol preparation, test material transmittal, business agreements, working with quality assurance auditors and the study director to provide a final report.
o Preparation of responses for regulatory authorities globally.
o Provide scientific expertise through review and comment on internal documents and supporting materials as well as proposed and on-going projects.
Prepare critical reviews, risk assessments, "white paper" advocacy documents, scientific rationales, position statements related to products.
Attend professional meetings and task forces of special interest to businesses (primarily agricultural products related). Publish or present scientific information at meetings and in journals.
Requirements Experience:
Basic understanding of design and endpoints for routine toxicity studies
Experience with toxicology studies, methods and protocols.
GLP study work with FIFRA products
Knowledge and use of Risk Assessment Models
Effective oral and written communication
Computer literate, experience with Microsoft Office products
Beneficial Experience
Registration support for agrochemical or specialty chemicals
Effective interaction with Regulatory agencies in the US and Europe
Participation in scientific societies, associations, and task forces.
Ph.D with 3-10 years experience in toxicology hazard assessment, data analysis, GLP study design and monitoring

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